The Lorikeet

The Lorikeet.

There are around 40 different different species of lorikeet  they originated in the warm climate of Indonesia New Guinea and islands around also Australia


The lorikeet is one of the most naturally playful parrots that any one can have as a pet they can act like a clown, yes they have to be trained same as any other parrot but when trained properly they know not to bite and that you are the leader of the flock and you still need to maintain this position to have a good relationship with your feathered friend.

These days there is several different mutations resulting in different colours and different prices and all of them have a very playful personality when hand raised, handled lots and trained correctly they are a bundle of joy to the person that has them once the bird trusts their keeper completely. the rainbow lorikeet is a popular pet here in Australia.

What do Lorikeets eat.

  In nature lorikeets eat lots of pollen and nectar they gather from the flowers they are nectarivorous they also eat berries and fruit from vines and shrubs , The Lorikeet has a special long tongue that has a brush on it this is used for collecting the pollen and nectar from the flowers. They will eat seed also but I don’t advise giving them any hard seed as this can destroy the brush on the birds tongue.

  If you get one of these beautiful colourful bids for a pet it is necessary it is fed an appropriate diet chopped up fruit and veggies also a special lorikeet powder you can feed dry or there is a wet lorikeet food you can purchase these from a pet shop but if you are like me and breed and have quite a few lorikeets I make my own. I think this is cheaper and better than the bought food and my birds love it. There is another reason I make my own food that is all the brought brands I have seen has a percentage of powdered milk in it and parrots cant digest diary products at all so to me it appears to be a waste . I am even going to give you my recipe I use.

The recipe.

Here are the ingredients . Rice flour 2 cups, Infants to 4 months Farex 2 cups, Glucose powder 1 cup, these can be purchased from the major super markets.Also with the above ingredients a level tea spoon of Avivite or another brand of multi vitamins for birds don’t go over board with the vitamins, also 2 cups of egg and biscuit mix this is from a pet shop you need to also put a heaped table spoon of pollen this is from a health food store. Then mix till it is a uniform colour.



This is a rainbow lorikeet on the left and a scaly lorikeet on the right.

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