The Australian King Parrot.

English: A female Australian King Parrot Categ...

English: A female Australian King Parrot Category:Images of parrots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Australian King Parrot (Alisterus sca...

English: Australian King Parrot (Alisterus scapularis) in New South Wales, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Australia King Parrots undoubtedly are a medium size parrot and because the name indicates native to Australia. They’re the largest Australian richly coloured Parrots. Undoubtedly they’re Australia’s largest parrot measuring 50 to 63 cm and weighing 198 to 227 grams. This Parrot is naturally robust and hearty bird; in captivity they can live on average from 20 to 25 years providing they are properly cared for.
These Parrots are also referred to as King Lory, Queensland King, Southern King Parrot, Australian King, and The Eastern King...

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The Quaker Parrot

Quaker parrots are increasingly becoming more common as pets worldwide, so if you are aware of anything regarding this interesting species,its not surprising why you are thinking of getting one, they are frequently referred to by their owners as clowns, quaker parrots are appreciated for their fun-loving, comical personalities plus their energetic, nature. Though they aren’t the ideal pet for every bird lover, but to the right person, a Quaker parrot often makes a wonderfully loving and affectionate lifelong companion.I will now tell you what it’s like to share your life with these special birds.You will then be able to determine if a Quaker parrot could be an excellent choice as a pet for your family.Quakers are known by a few different names...

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What not to offer your pet parrot.

The  foods which could harm your parrot.
Because birds are such social creatures,alot of people allow their pets to join in at meal time. While sharing your food with your pet parrot can be fun in addition to being esential to your pet’s emotional health,I have listed foods that may harm or be fatal to one’s pet bird. Owners have to know which foods are ok to share, and which pose a severe risk.I have listed ten that would be advisable not to offer your pet.
1. Chocolate is a good treat to give to your brothers and sisters and mates, however it may harm your pet bird or even kill it. Chocolate poisoning first affects a bird’s gastrointestinal system, causing vomiting and diarrhea...

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The Lovebird.

Today I’ll have a chat about the lovebird and the best way to care for them

Sprouts boost the reproductive system. So basically they ought to be offered regularly but more frequently to breeder specimens in the breeding season daily or at least once a week to breeders in breeding-season that are rearing their chicks
Sprouts should only be offered occasionally once per month to immatures or adult pet birds..

Lovebirds are extremely vocal birds, making loud, high-pitched noises. Some make noise from dawn to dusk, especially at dawn and dusk they become more vocal.

Definitely this is a normal parrot behavior as flock animals,where they are calling to one another at the break of day and prior to settleing down for the night.
A fresh mix with or without dehydrated fruits and veggies of excellen...

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Dominance and Parrots

my macaw 003Dominance and parrots.

Establishing Dominance over anything definitely is a more normal life expectancy for what humans expect. Which means they also expect all creatures to be the same. Parrots aren’t. These birds dont have any need for dominance and sometimes have their behaviours either misunderstood as dominance or it is convenient to label a behaviour we don’t understand.
Become boss.Everyone who develops this kind of attitude towards their parrot might be going to get more trouble than they desired.
Regards dominance In the wild,there is no proof that dominance exists in parrots. Parrots flocks are just families socialising. They actually do everything together, rarely fight and don’t dominate over other members...

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Bird cages.

different styles of cages

different styles of cages


Sugar Bird - I can sing too!!!!! / Explored

Sugar Bird – I can sing too!!!!! / Explored (Photo credit: . : : v i S H a l : : .)

The things you need to consider when bying a cage for your pet parrot.

The first is what size cage do you need.This is more or less governed by the size of your bird.The cage needs to be at least wide enough to allow the bird to flap its wings to exercise them without touching the sides rough about one and a half times the wing span and the length needt to be at least bouble this so the bigger the bird the bigger the cage.It is best to get your bird the biggest cage you can afford.

The next is bar spacing this again is governed by the size of the bird and where the cage is going to be placed,not only is it to keep your bird in,but also has to keep predators out such as snakes and ...

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The Lorikeet Parrot and mutations

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Unlike a great deal of other varieties of parrot the lories and lorikeets are especially adjusted to survive on a pollen, nectar and fruit diet. A brush like tip to the tongue, long narrow beak and special necessary enzymes to aid digestion are the thing that

makes them a unique parrot species . Small to medium sized and the frequency brightly coloured there are a number of species from Australia, which all


possess similar requirements.
Although common in residential districts where it incorporates nectar rich garden plants, within the natural habitat the scaly-breasted lorikeet will form large flocks, frequently with rainbow lorikeets. These flocks will travel from tree to tree among the open forested fields of its homeland.
Around flowering trees and occsionally together with

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Training your pet parrot.

Parrots are splendid pets. You’ll quickly find all of these birds extremely smart as well as their capability to learn causing them to be fun to teach. Take into account that any animal that shows indications of high intelligence may perhaps get bored, which means your job really should be to train your parrot and take the necessary time that is required to transform your bird to into a wonderful pet.It involves both time and patience to teach a parrot, but due to  proper training, your parrot can offer numerous years of friendship.
It’s possible to train your parrot once you adhere to a few steps. Whenever “school is in for your chosen parrot,it would be sensible to remove your parrot from his or her cage and train in a quiet space...

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About me and how I fill in my day.

Hi everyone I would like to introduce myself my name is Ken Morgan I live in Rubyvale Queensland Australia,married,have 5 children they are grown up and left home and have children of their own I am now retired I also have a lot of parrots this keeps me busy I have approximately 150 breeding parrots.This is the reason this is called
My wife and myself hand rear the young for pets I take them from the nest at 10 days old thats when they are starting to get pinfeathers and put them in a brooder and start hand rearing them this is done 4 times a day and it very time consumeing we have handfed up to 43 birds 4 times a day and spend around 10 hours a day doing this and looking after the breeders.I have a few diferent breeds...

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Having a pet cockatoo.


Having a pet Cockatoo.

There are naturally 21 species of Cockatoo which are members of the bird family named Cacatuidae. This group of birds is normally present in Australasian regions for example the Philippines, eastern Indonesian islands and Australia.
Cockatoos can easily be recognised because of their showy crests and curved bills. Compared to other parrots the plumage of cockatoos is normally less colourful compared to other parrots they are frequently white, grey or black with colourful crests, cheeks or tails. Generally Cockatoos are larger than other parrots; however there is the tinier Cockatiel which happens to be the smallest Cockatoo cockaieils pictures 001species picture on left are cockatiels.
Some species of cockatoos are habitat loss, with large mature trees within their habitat being c...

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